If you are a student at Rice, you have a great opportunity the join the most successful and well funded club sport on campus and one of the best clubs on campus. In addition, you get to play a popular, international sport that garners respect from leaders at the highest levels of business, government, and academia. Yes, it is a tough sport. But rugby's inherit difficulty and setup requires teamwork that forges strong bonds among players like no other sport.

Since the club is primarily student run, players get the opportunity to test and apply real leadership skills. Its is also a lot of fun. The team travels to fun locations for games and tournaments and has made multiple tours to Ireland, California, Washington, and other locations. The benefits of playing rugby stay with you long beyond the playing years. Playing rugby at Rice makes you member of our alumni network that includes CEO's, ship captains, law partners, doctors, and other leaders in their professions. The alumni has raised over $600k to support the club. Each year the alumni send multiple players to New Zealand for training. We support each other and we love to hire our own. Please find your rugby representative on campus and give rugby a try.

For those looking to attend Rice we welcome you to apply this top tier university and to join our club. Do understand that the academic requirements are very high. We encourage you to apply early.